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Share My Trip

Stay connected while you ride. With a few taps, send your loved ones your ETA and location in real time.

Why it's helpful

For extra peace of mind, let the people who are waiting know exactly when to expect you.

How it works

Request your ride

Tap to open the app and request a ride as you normally would. Once requested, swipe up on your app screen and tap Send Status.

Share your status

Select up to 5 people from your contact list you want to share your status with.

Be on your way

Those people will receive a text with a link containing your trip details. Opening it displays your driver's first name and vehicle information, plus your map location in real time.

Sign up

Download the app and set up your account so you’re ready the next time you need a ride.


Invite friends to use Uber, and they’ll get a discount on their first ride.