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We stand with Pride

Allies to all

Our commitment to fostering a positive and exceptional workplace for every employee is based on respect, trust, collaboration, and allyship.

What’s an ally? An ally is someone who acts in support of other groups in pursuit of equality.

A few tips on how to be a successful ally:

Be a good listener

Listening to what others have to say without giving feedback is an important quality to help promote positive dialogue.

Know terminology

A good ally must acknowledge their own privilege and bias to create empathy. It’s important to educate yourself on proper language and ask questions when necessary.

Know techniques

It’s also important to ask questions to challenge assumptions on gender, orientation, and identity. You must speak up when witnessing unsupportive behavior.

Support along the way

To increase transparency and communication, we’ve launched our first-ever Gender Transition Guidelines for employees globally.

We’ve also worked toward higher inclusion for our transgender driver-partners, delivery partners, and employees by expanding our efforts to provide earning opportunities for transgender partners.

*The terms above were written by the Human Rights Campaign and Trans Student Educational Resources. Learn more by visiting and Permission to use this content is not intended as, or should not be considered, an endorsement of Uber by the Human Rights Campaign or Trans Student Educational Resources.