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A better way to manage your business

Uber’s new Supplier Portal provides faster, more reliable data; new features to help you grow your business; and a more intuitive design.

A smooth transition

If you already use other Uber fleet management tools like Uber Fleet, we want to make sure that all your questions are answered as you transition to Supplier Portal. For more information, please see the instructions and frequently asked questions below.

The tool is still under construction

The version of Supplier Portal you see now is not the final one. We’re still adding features. In the meantime, you can still use the old tools and migrate between both with no problems.

Mirrored experiences

We recommend that you try Supplier Portal to familiarize yourself with the new experience. Keep in mind: every action you perform on one platform (such as adding a vehicle or document) will automatically be reflected on the other and vice versa, so there’s no need to do it again.

Brand-new Payments and Reports tabs

The new experience allows you to better understand your earnings with Uber, reconcile payments with drivers, and view all transactions taking place with your vehicles.

Easy access, anytime

Review earnings and payments in Supplier Portal

Using Payments or Reports tabs

Once in the Supplier Portal, click on the Payments tab at the top of the page. This is where you'll find earnings and payments information related to your account.

If you want to download this information, you can click on the Reports tab or on the cloud icon.

Understanding your current balance

At the top left of the page, you'll be able to see your balance accumulated from the beginning of the week until the day and time you’re checking the data (note: there might be a data lag of up to 3 hours).

It represents the sum of the earnings generated by you (if you drive and/or deliver) and/or the earners in your fleet and already excludes payouts, refunds, expenses, and payments to third parties.

At the end of the week, the final balance should be equivalent to what gets transferred to your bank account the following week.

Breaking down your balance

Right below your current balance, you can consult what line items compose this amount.

Tip: To have access to more clear information, we recommend consulting date ranges beginning on Monday.

The main concepts you’ll find:

Start balance: Your fleet earnings from the previous week and, therefore, the amount you begin your week with (already transferred to your bank account from the previous week).

Total earnings: Equals the net earnings generated by you (if you drive and/or deliver) and your fleet earners, already excluding Uber’s service fee. By clicking on the arrow on the right, you can see the breakdown of earnings per category and understand where earnings come from (trip fare, promotions, tips or incentives). Tax discounts may be applied here.

Refunds & expenses: Charges for miscellaneous costs not related to trips, as well as payments for reimbursements of tolls.

Payouts: Cash collections collected by the drivers and the deposits generated to your bank account for the previous week’s earnings.

End balance: The sum of the earnings generated by you and drivers, minus all charges previously mentioned. This represents the final amount that your fleet generated during the period and will almost always match the amount deposited to your account in the next week.

Note: “Start balance” and “End balance” report only the earnings generated in the week selected, beginning on Monday at 4:00am and ending the next Monday at 3:59am. Earnings from trips completed between 4:00am and bank transfer will be included in the “Transferred to bank account” value within "Payouts". This means that “Start balance” and “Transferred to bank account” may not always match and the difference that you see is equal to the start balance plus or minus the earnings of trips completed between 4:00am and payment effective timestamp.

Reviewing driver statements

By clicking on the Settle with drivers button at the top left of the page, you will be redirected to a screen where you’ll find a breakdown of earnings by earner.

Additionally, if you click on the name of any of the earners, you will be redirected to a new page where you’ll find options to contact the earner (by message, phone, or email) and check out their earnings summary and each transaction that was performed by the account

Note: Supplier Portal currently does not support money transfer to drivers

Accessing reports and available data

The types of reports and information available for the selected period are:

Payments Driver: Contains any payment-related details for each driver during the specified period.

Trip Activity: Contains the details of the trips completed by your fleet, such as the name and contact information of the driver, vehicle, addresses, types of service (trips or deliveries), and trip status (completed, canceled, etc.).

Driver Activity: Contains completed trips, online time, and time on-trip for each of the drivers.

Driver Quality: Contains the total completed trips, acceptance rate, cancellation rate, and star rating of each of the drivers.

Payments Transaction: Contains any payment-related transactions during the specified period.

Payments Organization: Contains the details of your account balance at the fleet level, including earnings and collections.

Frequently asked questions

  • The Supplier Portal payment experience is supported by a faster, more accurate data source. Data and reports in the previous Uber Fleet tool could be delayed by up to 3-6 hours. In the new Supplier Portal, earnings data is almost always reported within an hour (note: it can take up to 3 hours).

  • Weekly earnings data (including bank transfers) is available in the Payments tab as well as in the Payments Organization report in the Reports tab.

  • In the old Uber Fleet tool, your total earnings included Uber’s service fee, which was then subtracted in the Payouts & Collections section. In your total earnings now, it already comes with Uber’s service fee subtracted. That’s why you’re noticing a difference in numbers.

  • Clicking on Settle with drivers in the Payments tab shows you a driver-level balance for a given time period. Use this to track driver earnings and manage your settlements. You can also use Payments Driver reports from the Reports tab to get the same information. You still need to settle with drivers outside the platform (direct payments to drivers are not yet supported).

  • No. All of your banking and tax information will be automatically transferred to the new Supplier Portal.

  • No, everything you execute on one platform automatically is reflected on the other, so no need to worry or duplicate any efforts.

  • Yes, they’re aligned with how Uber categorizes payment information in our systems and how payment data is displayed in other platforms such as the Driver or the Fleet app.

  • Invoices are not yet available in the new Supplier Portal (they will be soon). You’ll have to continue using Uber Fleet to check and download invoices temporarily using this link:

  • There will be no change in the weekly payout. Weekly payouts are scheduled for Monday at 4:00am local time.

  • You can either go to Payments and enter the Settle with drivers section or click on Reports and check out the Payments Driver report.

  • While we are still adding features to the new Supplier Portal, we would like your feedback. Please feel free to submit a response through our feedback form below.

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