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Global citizenship

Supporting cities

Our people, process, and technology can help transform cities into safer, more efficient, and more beautiful places.

New tools for urban planners

Our data from more than 10 billion trips can help urban planners design cities of the future.

Safer communities

Through partnerships with leading organizations, we’re working to help make driving safer and prevent incidents on the road.

Distracted driving

Diversity and inclusion

Diverse offices can help create higher-performing teams and better products that are designed to be used by everyone.

Our users are diverse, and so are we

Opportunity for all

Whether it’s helping underrepresented users or simplifying everyday life, the Uber platform can make a difference when it’s accessible to more people.


ESG Report

Uber's environmental, social, and governance (ESG) report shows how, through core business and social impact activities, we help make real life easier to navigate for everyone.