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Uber for Business brings the best of Uber’s innovations and solutions to organizations around the globe. Get the information you need to move your business forward.

Introducing Uber for Business

Explore all the ways you can give your company the best of Uber.

What is Uber for Business?

Improve business travel operations, employee well-being, and customer experiences with a single, seamless platform.

Take your business further

Your team’s on a mission. We’ll help you get there. Learn how Uber for Business can help streamline workflows, expenses, perks, and more.

Uber for Business product overview

Simplify your processes and delight your people. Learn how you can easily customize and manage benefits that everyone will love.

How we move businesses forward

Uber for Business products

Get an overview of our suite of solutions, and learn how to customize a plan that gets your team moving.


See how our hub lets you create and manage company-wide or employee programs, all from a central dashboard.


Delight employees and customers alike with complimentary rides or meals. Learn how Vouchers elevates everyone’s experience.

Gift cards

Thank customers, reward employees, and treat clients with the gift of Uber.

Safety features

Learn how our safety technology and Door-to-Door Safety Standard protect everyone, from your employees to drivers.

Safety overview

Level up perks while maintaining your peace of mind. See how we’re putting safety first in everything we do.

Move teams with commute and travel solutions

Return to the office with confidence

From vouchers to contributing to an employee commute program, here are 3 ways you can make going back into the office more enjoyable for everyone.

Manage your business travel needs

Business travel is back in business, and we’re here to help you get your people moving again.

Find ride solutions for your employees

Learn how the Uber app helps get your people where they need to go, from the home office to client meetings, to all points in between.

Contribute to a custom commute program

Take the hassle out of the daily commute so your team can focus on what truly matters.

Offer employee rides and meals

Watch a demo on ways to boost morale and reward employees with an Uber for Business ride or meal program.

Fuel employees with meal solutions

Bring the work lunch back

Inspire excellence and power big-picture thinking among your employees with meal delivery.

Treat anyone with Vouchers

Give the gift of freedom, flexibility, and deliciousness. Vouchers can cover meals for employees, clients, and more.

Feed company culture with Uber Eats

Good food is a great way to inspire and incentivize. Learn a few ways Uber Eats on Uber for Business can take your business further.

Webinar: How to improve employee engagement

Learn ways you can encourage wellness, inspire productivity, or simply satisfy the people who keep your business running.

Customer stories

Meet some of the businesses moving the world forward with Uber for Business.

Moving the world toward a more equitable future

Learn how Black Girl Ventures is making waves and moving its small-but-mighty team around the globe with Uber for Business.

Streamlined expense reporting does exist

Get to know Perficient’s approach for simplifying business travel and expenses for its global employees.

Everyone works better when fed

See how Coca-Cola and Shopify use Uber Eats to connect with employees.

From the Uber Blog

Let’s get down to business with the latest news and updates.

A wrap-up of 2021’s biggest platform updates

How to create vouchers in 3 easy steps

Tips for communicating your wellness benefits

Informational Articles

Explore informational guides, reports, and resources to help your business thrive.

Employee engagement 101

Learn the basics of what employee engagement is, why it’s important, and how to improve engagement in your organization.

20 of the best virtual team-building activities

With the growth of remote and hybrid teams, team bonding is more important than ever. Find some fresh ideas for team building virtually.

What is a hybrid workplace model? Examples, benefits, and challenges

Explore the benefits and challenges of hybrid work models and learn how companies combine in-person and remote work to find a schedule that fits.

Remote vs. in-person work: 3 benefits of returning to the office

Many workers have become accustomed to working remotely, but returning to the office can have quite a few benefits for employees.

How to prevent burnout in the workplace: 3 ways experts recommend

Learn how to combat burnout, cultivate resilience, and build an engaged organization with these tips that experts recommend.

Your business is going places. We can help.

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