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What is Uber for Business?

Since 2014, Uber for Business has brought the best of Uber’s technology to companies in diverse industries everywhere. More than 170,000 businesses and organizations in 70 countries have benefited from the platform.

From business travel and courtesy rides to commute program options, Uber for Business helps companies achieve more, enjoy more, and experience more with solutions for employees, guests, and customers.

What is Uber for Business?

Uber for Business is a powerful global platform for managing rides, meals, and local deliveries for companies of any size. Tap directly into our established products—including rides with Uber and meal delivery through Uber Eats—all in one place.

Uber for Business is designed to make your life easier with services your employees likely already know and use.

Mobility: provide access to comfortable rides with ease

  • Business travel: Request rides to and from airports or wherever a work trip takes you
  • Subsidized employee commutes: Provide individual or group rides to and from work
  • Courtesy rides: Organize rides for workers, clients, and customers
  • Events: Offer rides to and from events

Meals: feed employees, customers, or guests

  • Individual meals: Boost morale with meal perks
  • Group meals: Fuel team meals
  • Virtual or in-person events: Incentivize interest and participation with ride vouchers

What’s the difference between Uber for Business and Uber?

Uber for Business is a powerful platform that allows organizations to leverage Uber’s consumer products for business meals and rides. Employees, customers, and clients can use the Uber and Uber Eats apps while remaining compliant with the policy or spending limit you’ve provided. Uber for Business also streamlines expensing and provides valuable perks for employees using a business profile.

Why use Uber for Business?

Uber for Business is the only global platform that enables mobility and meal solutions for businesses and is designed to adapt and grow with your business’s needs. The power, reliability, and reach of Uber can help you:

  • Reduce and control costs by enforcing compliance of your policies
  • Save time and costs on business operations like tracking expenses and budgeting
  • Streamline business travel, meals, and rewards for employees to keep teams motivated and engaged
  • Offer on-demand or scheduled business rides, meals for delivery, or item delivery to delight employees and guests
  • Optimize efficiency, visibility, and control for overhead
  • Enhance sales and marketing efforts with rewards and incentives
  • Reach your sustainability goals with actionable insights

Uber for Business was developed to fit your daily business needs and meet the diverse requirements of your teams in one easy-to-use dashboard.

How can I use Uber for Business?

Organizations across industries benefit from Uber for Business. Offering ride and meal solutions to your people can lead to a stronger team culture, higher employee engagement, and increased customer satisfaction, among other advantages.

With Uber for Business’s intuitive dashboard, you can create a variety of customized programs in one platform.

If you work in travel, expensing, or finance:

  • Arrange employee transportation to and from the airport in advance
  • Track food and transportation expenses for employee business trips
  • Set up courtesy rides for conference-bound employees
  • Establish and control food and transportation travel budgets
  • Track estimated CO2 ground transportation emissions in our sustainability dashboard

If you work in HR or workplace management:

  • Start and contribute to a commute program for employees
  • Create a meal program for team lunches to boost morale
  • Cover the cost of meals or rides to reward employee performance
  • Manage a late-night meals program

If you work in automotive sales or repairs:

  • Arrange courtesy rides for customers waiting for vehicle repairs
  • Provide rides for employees to reduce runner usage
  • Move parts between locations with ease

If you work in operations or logistics:

  • Set up rides for drivers to get to and from tractors or worksites
  • Arrange rides for drivers or technicians during repairs or roadside assistance

If you work in marketing or sales:

  • Provide rides for your team and items to get to events
  • Distribute gift card incentives to help promote a critical marketing campaign
  • Arrange for the delivery of promotional items to top influencers

No matter your role or industry, Uber for Business can support your business goals.

Move your business forward with Uber

Your employees, guests, and customers expect the best. Give it to them with a powerful global platform that helps save time and costs, increases employee engagement, and delights customers.

Your business is going places. We’re here to help.

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