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Why 5 travel managers choose Uber for Business

Overseeing corporate travel is a multi-pronged challenge, no matter the size of the company. Uber for Business puts control back into the hands of travel managers, allowing them to create custom rideshare and meal delivery programs with transparency into employee activity. It’s also a way for them to provide travelers with the magic of Uber tailored for work, from an exclusive premium ride option to seamless expensing. But don’t just take it from us. Hear why these 6 travel managers all choose Uber for Business.

One platform, many uses

Paula, Director of Associate Travel, Meetings, and Events for a financial services firm, chooses Uber for Business because it’s a one-stop shop. “Before, we didn’t have one company that could do it all,” she says. “If I wanted a food voucher, I’d have to go to a food program. If I wanted a transportation voucher, I’d have to go to a transportation company.” Now she can control traveler ride and meal programs from one place and see it all on one bill.

Headache-free business travel expensing

TTEC’s Global Travel Manager Tetyana oversees thousands of regular travelers across the organization and keeps careful watch on each team’s travel expenses. She says, “I wanted to have a good reporting tool and have control over spend. Uber for Business can do it.”

Mallory, Travel and Expense Manager for Treehouse Foods, was looking to control the costs of traveler rides and meals and help the company reconcile corporate card expenses. Of Uber for Business, she says, “It’s pretty seamless, the way that it works. You’re not expecting it to be so easy, but it is.”

An easy switch between business and personal travel

Stephanie manages travel for an offshore vessel supply company whose employees move all over the country. Before rideshare with Uber for Business, travelers were relying on rental cars. “Ever since the pandemic, car rentals [have not been] so easy to get, especially one way,” Stephanie says. “Uber has helped us a lot in that area.”

Although seasoned travelers were wary of the change at first, they now appreciate the ease of toggling back and forth between their business and personal profiles in the Uber app. Uber for Business’s expense integrations have also saved traveling employees the hassle of collecting personal receipts, manually submitting them, and waiting for individual reimbursement.

An enjoyable, elevated business traveler experience

Erin oversees travel for the Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy, which builds telescopes internationally. Ground transportation for employees can sometimes be a challenge, both in availability and in the overall experience. “Uber for Business, it has been a godsend,” says Erin, who no longer has to field individual transportation requests. “Nine times out of 10, they use Uber. It’s so much nicer. I can’t imagine they ever want to do anything else.”

Erin is also a fan of Uber for Business when she’s a traveler herself, regularly requesting rides or ordering meals while on the road for work. She loves Uber Business Comfort, an exclusive ride option for business travelers with features like extra legroom and priority pickup. Hear Erin and other travel managers chat about their own work travel experiences with Uber for Business here.

Still not convinced?

Find out how Uber for Business can help elevate the business travel experience.

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