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Business Profiles on Uber

Save time and have peace of mind when riding for work.

Create a business profile in the app and let Uber handle the rest.

Designed for the business traveler

  • Separate business from personal

    Designate a payment method for business trips and send receipts directly to your work email.

  • Streamline your expensing

    Automatically send business trip receipts to Concur, Expensify, Zoho Expense, and more.

  • Auto-generate travel reports

    Receive weekly or monthly reports of your business trips via email.


Getting set up is easy

  1. Open your Uber app, go to the menu, choose Payment, and scroll down to Add Business Profile under Ride Profiles.
  2. Select or add the payment method you would like to use for business rides.
  3. Input your work email and select your expense provider.
  4. You’re all set!

Get more from your business trips

  • Schedule your ride in advance

    Schedule your ride up to 30 days in advance. Uber will send a reminder the day of your trip and notify you when your ride is on the way. No calling necessary.

  • Add shortcuts for work

    Your office. The airport. The client site. Save these addresses to your Uber app and get on your way even faster. Once you’ve saved a place, the option will be available as a shortcut every time you ride.

  • Plan your airport trip

    Uber is available at over 500 airports worldwide. Save time and hassle by finding out where to get picked up at your airport ahead of time.


Frequently Asked Questions

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