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A foundational commitment to safety

We’re building safe and responsible self-driving technology with safety at the core of everything we do. We incorporate the latest guidance from state and federal regulators and work with leaders across the industry to develop best practices for self-driving vehicles.

Safety report

Uber ATG safety report

A comprehensive review of our self-driving technology, our safety report offers information on ATG’s programs and processes.

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Safety reviews

Internal and external safety reviews help identify opportunities to improve our practices to prioritize safety.

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Our Safety Case Framework

In order to realize the potential of self-driving technology to its fullest, we must come together and collaborate on safety.

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Recent news

Returning to Pittsburgh’s roads

We’re ready to safely resume on-road testing of self-driving operations in Pittsburgh.

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A letter on safety from the CEO

We believe that greater transparency and partnership are foundational to the success of safe self-driving technology.

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