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Sages at Uber

A community promoting age diversity in the workplace

Our mission

To promote diversity and inclusion of all generations by celebrating and sharing the wisdom that comes with age.

What we stand for

Promoting age diversity

Raising awareness of the importance of building age diversity in the workplace at Uber and beyond.

Building community

Providing a safe space for Uber employees 40+ and their allies of any age to share their experiences and work together to fight ageism across the organization. We build community through events with external speakers, informal get-togethers, and events with cross-sectional ERGs.

Encouraging mentorship

Creating and encouraging mentorship opportunities to share knowledge across generations.

Featured members

  • Deanna Slocum

    Director, Compliance and Ethics

    I work on the Global Compliance team within Legal and am responsible for programs (including training), processes, and policies. Previously, I worked in Legal to help the company implement the 47 recommendations contained in the Holder/Covington Report. I don’t feel very Sage (because I am in denial), but I recognize the value a group like this can bring and want to help in any way I can.

  • Eric Lipman

    Senior Counsel, Litigation and Global Competition

    I was initially shocked to discover that I qualified as a Sage upon joining Uber in the summer of 2017. Having now accepted my status, I hope to help make this ERG a valuable resource—and a source of fun activities—for its members and the Uber community as a whole.

  • Ron Kuris

    Senior Security Engineer II

    In the ’70s, I wrote my first computer program. In the ’10s, I co-founded the Sages at Uber ERG to educate people about ageism. In any setting, you really need a lot of diversity to get the best product possible. One aspect of diversity is age. Older workers have “been there, done that” and add a different perspective to many problems.

  • Mia Mazza

    Senior Counsel, Litigation

    After my first 20 years as a criminal prosecutor, law firm partner, and then in-house litigator, in early 2017 I joined Uber’s Legal team at a time when the company was facing some of its toughest challenges ever. I love helping Uber become a more mature company, and I look forward to helping Uber employees embrace responsible adulthood as well. As a Sage, my primary areas of focus in 2019 are financial literacy and wellness, retirement planning, and estate planning.

  • Vera Powell

    Senior Counsel, Global Compliance

    I joined Uber to aid the company with its efforts to set up and implement an effective anti-corruption and anti-bribery compliance program. I was thrilled to discover that Uber has a Sages group. I embrace my age and the wisdom that, presumably, comes with it! I’m proud to be a Sage and cannot wait to hear about other Sages’ and employees’ life experiences. We have so much to teach each other, and we have even more to learn from one another!

  • Zack Train

    Software Engineer II

    I co-founded the Sages at Uber ERG to raise awareness about systemic ageism in the technology industry as a whole. As promoters of temporal diversity, we are the only ERG at Uber operating in the fourth dimension. My proudest moment at Uber so far was hosting the Sage “Jeopardy!” game I developed for the Sages at Uber launch party.



Events and initiatives

We host events, bringing awareness and driving discussion around our 3 main areas of interest: battling ageism, building age diversity, and encouraging mentorship. Our events are informative and fun. We’ve co-sponsored a financial wellness series with Morgan Stanley and a book event at Airbnb HQ on Chip Conley's recent book Wisdom@Work: The Making of a Modern Elder, with so much more to come! We currently are planning events on estate planning, making the most of our Uber benefits, and exploring a broad array of Airbnb experiences with our friends at Airbnb.