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Asian at Uber

Uber's Asian community

Our Mission

Our mission is to celebrate and promote the wealth of Asian ideas and culture throughout Uber.

What we stand for

Make business impact

Embed ourselves into the business to help drive business outcomes

Help facilitate employee growth

Drive professional development for the Asian community at Uber

Build in our communities

Expand our external engagement with the community

Build social connections

Come together as a group for celebrations and events

Featured members

  • Celine Hu

    Senior People Operations Analyst

    Having grown up in China, Canada, and the United States between the East and West coasts, I know intimately how my identity as an Asian can take on new meanings in each new environment. Shortly after joining the company, I was ecstatic to see that there was a thriving ERG for Asian employees and allies, and that Uber cared about celebrating the Asian community. As a global Co-Lead, I continue fostering the sense of inclusion that I first felt when I Uber.

  • Anurag Agarwalla

    Engineering Manager, Innovation

    One day in 2017, I half-jokingly told the ERG Co-Chair at the time that we should take over lunch one day and have my mom come in and make lunch for all of Uber. (Which we obviously did, of course!) As an Indian, food is symbolically very important in our culture because we believe it is at the root of all human thought. My goal now as ERG Co-Lead is to help pass on the baton and inspire others at Uber to celebrate being their complete and authentic selves.

  • Manik Gupta

    Executive sponsor, VP VP and Chief Product Officer

    "I'm very proud of Asian at Uber. I was born and raised in India and lived in Singapore, so I know first-hand how diversity can drive innovation and how critical it is for organizations to include perspectives from all cultures. Given our massive opportunity in Asia, this group also has the potential to play a critical role in informing how we do business in the region."



Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year is an important holiday celebrated throughout Asia and marks the beginning of the new lunar calendar year. Each year, Asian at Uber makes sure to ring in the new year in style, whether it’s hosting a dim sum lunch for our driver-partners or celebrating internally. For 2019, we invited the LionDanceME troupe to Uber headquarters, where they delivered a colorful and interactive performance with the audience. Employees also celebrated with cultural activities and cuisine—a fitting start to the Year of the Pig!

Whober feature

Often as Asian Americans, we adopt “American” names to assimilate better into the culture. We believe we can improve employee sentiment, culture, and collaboration if people simply had a way to educate others on how to pronounce their genuine names. In partnership with an internal engineering team, we developed a feature in our internal employee directory tool that allows folks to write and record how someone should say their name. We think it creates better connections and hope one day to extend the feature into our app.

Spicy Food Eating Challenge

Food is a major part of any culture, and in 2018 we hosted Uber’s very first Spicy Food Challenge with our friends from Los Ubers. We featured restaurant partners from our Eats platform and hosted 14 teams in a competition to see who could handle the heat. Employees tackled hot chicken wings, burritos topped with fiery salsas, chile pakoras, duk bok ki, and even raw Habanero peppers. Many people came to support and cheer on the brave souls who took on the Scoville challenge.