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South Alabama
In order to receive ride requests in South Alabama, partners need to complete a vehicle inspection prior to taking their first trip. Find an inspection center to schedule an inspection--get the details about South Alabama below.

Inspections for Alabama driver-partners

1. 下載車檢表

Alabama law requires Uber partners to get a vehicle inspection prior to taking their first trip. Please print a copy of the inspection form and bring it to a certified service technician to fill out and sign. This form is accepted statewide.

2. 尋找車檢中心

Please note that inspections must be performed or supervised by an American Advanced Technicians Institute (AATI) or Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certified mechanic. We recommend calling service centers in your area to confirm certification requirements and pricing.

3. 請上傳填妥的表格

Once you pass, upload the form to your account. Uber does not cover repairs or maintenance to pass an inspection.

Inspection centers near South Alabama

Location marker (outlined)
2737 East McFarland Boulevard, Tuscaloosa AL 35405
Clock (outlined)
M-F: 7:30am-5pm
Sat: 7:30am-12pm
Phone (outlined)
(205) 632-7445

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