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Vehicle inspections

New York City
Once you have your TLC license, the vehicle you drive will need to be inspected periodically to meet TLC requirements. See below for the details.
Every 4 months

Inspection renewals

Vehicle owners (and drivers operating vehicles) are responsible for getting their vehicles inspected at least once every 4 months at the DMV inspection facility. This a New York state requirement, and you can complete these inspections on your own. This is not done at the TLC's inspection facility and Uber will not help set your appointment.

Please head to any DMV regulated inspection station and they should update your inspection sticker after you complete the inspection.

Failing to comply with inspection requirements may result in summonses, fines, or other penalties from the TLC. You are responsible for your own compliance with the TLC rules, and you are responsible for handling incidents resulting in violations of those rules.

Every 2 years

TLC vehicle renewals

1. Submit your renewal package

Vehicle owners must submit a $625 payment to the TLC through LARS, and email copies of their registration and insurance (FH1 and Certificate of Liability) to the TLC.

Before beginning the TLC license renewal process, please note that the TLC expects you to use a current and valid email address with the LARS system. If your email address has changed, the TLC requires you to update it with them.

TLC email address:

2. Receive inspection appointment

Once the TLC receives the payment and documents, they will email the vehicle owner an inspection appointment time at the TLC’s Safety & Emissions Facility located at 24-55 BQE West, Woodside, NY, 11377.

Bring your TLC license and insurance information with you on the day of your inspection.

3. Attend your inspection appointment

Once the vehicle passes the inspection, the FHV permit should be renewed and active (no need to visit a Greenlight Hub).

Appointment location for Step 2

TLC Safety & Emissions Facility

Location marker (outlined)
24-55 Brooklyn Queens Expressway West
Woodside, NY, 11377
Clock (outlined)
Monday-Friday: 12am-11:59pm
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed
Phone (outlined)
(718) 267-4559
Globe (outlined)

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