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مرکزی مواد پر جائیں

گاڑی کے معائنے

لاس کروسیس
Activate your vehicle at an Uber Greenlight Hub or find an inspection center to schedule an annual vehicle inspection. Inspection requirements vary by city—get the details about Las Cruces below.

اپنی گاڑی فعال کریں

In Las Cruces, all partners must pass a vehicle inspection at an Uber Greenlight Hub before taking their first trip. This is free and takes less than 30 minutes.

سالانہ گاڑی کے معائنے

1. معائنہ کا فارم ڈاؤن لوڈ کریں

New Mexico law requires Uber partners to inspect their vehicle by an ASE Certified Mechanic. Most inspection centers have forms available, but you may want to bring one just in case.

2. ایک معائنہ مرکز پتہ کریں

Uber partners visiting select mechanics are eligible to have 100% of annual inspection costs covered. Otherwise, schedule an inspection with a certified mechanic partner. Note that Uber does not cover inspection costs when performed by a third-party mechanic.

3. مکمل فارم اپ لوڈ کریں

Once you pass, upload the form and receipt to your account. Uber does not cover repairs or maintenance to pass an inspection.

All fields on the form must be completely filled out to pass the inspection including the ASE Certification Number

Uber کے ساتھ پیسے کمانا شروع کریں