Uber wouldn’t be what it is without drivers and couriers – they are at the heart of the Uber experience. But along the way, we lost sight of that. We focused too much on growth and not enough on the people who made that growth possible. We called drivers “partners,” but didn’t always act like it. An important part of being a good partner is being a good listener.

Drivers have told us that they enjoy the freedom of being their own boss and choosing if, when and where they drive. But they have also told us they want more security and peace of mind – life’s ups and downs such as an injury, sickness or having a baby should not come with all of the additional financial stress.

Today we are announcing that we will provide a range of insurance coverage including sickness, injury and maternity & paternity payments for drivers across Europe when they are on and off the Uber app. In partnership with AXA, one of the world’s most trusted insurers, our groundbreaking Partner Protection insurance programme will be funded by Uber at no cost to drivers and delivery partners.

Partner Protection is designed to provide Uber partners with peace of mind while preserving the flexibility they value. Whether it’s sickness, an injury or jury duty, we believe partners deserve to be protected in case life (or work) doesn’t go according to plan.

This new product covers all eligible partners in Europe for major costs or lost income resulting from accidents or injuries that occur on trip. It also provides protection for major life events that happen off trip like severe sickness and injury, maternity or paternity leave and jury duty.

To be eligible for the off-trip insurance, a driver partner must have completed 150 trips in the previous eight weeks; while a delivery partner on Eats must have completed at least 30 deliveries in the previous eight weeks to qualify.  

Partner Protection commences from 1 June 2018 and will instantly cover more than 150,000 independent Uber partners across Europe.

Partner Protection is an important step in addressing some of the biggest concerns raised by our independent partners who rely on Uber. But the listening doesn’t stop here. We’ll continue to ensure that the voices of the drivers and couriers are heard as we take Uber forward together.

Summary of coverage is available per country below:

Austria Estonia Netherlands (Dutch, English) Romania Lithuania


(French, Dutch)

France Norway Slovakia United Kingdom
Croatia Germany Poland Spain
Czech Republic Italy Portugal Sweden