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Get connected to your travel ecosystem with Uber

Integrations for the tools you rely on

Uber for Business is built to work the way that you do. We get the data you need into the tools you use, fast.

When you add Uber for Business to your travel tools stack, you get faster receipts, easier planning and better insight into security.

Get receipts instantly

We integrate with leading expense solutions–from enterprise to small business and around the world–to get your Uber receipts into your expense solution, fast and easy.

SAP Concur

Make business travel easier than ever by connecting your Uber profile to SAP Concur. Trip receipts will automatically be sent to Concur Expense.


Any trips requested under your Uber Business Profile will automatically have your receipts forwarded to your Certify Wallet.

Chrome River

Automatically send details of all rides taken on their Business Profile, complete with the receipt image, to Chrome River.


Automatically add your Uber receipt to your Expensify reports.

Zeno by Serko

Improve your employee experience with seamless integration between Uber for Business and the Serko Zeno expense platform.


Uber receipts, instantly in your Rydoo account!


Automatically send your Uber receipts into Expensya.


Uber receipts, instantly in your Happay account!

Zoho Expense

Uber receipts, instantly in your Zoho Expense account!

Drive your business with Uber for Business

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