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Delight your guests with trips and meals

We make it easy to create a standout guest experience.

Better for your guests – and your bottom line

Save on shuttle service

Offer on-demand trips to and from the airport with Vouchers instead of maintaining a costly shuttle service.

Stand apart from competitors

Request trips with Central on behalf of guests for a memorable reward that will keep them coming back.

Offer meals from local restaurants

With meal vouchers, your guests get delicious meals and you get to help support local businesses.

“Uber provides a scalable way for us to deliver a reliable transport service when our guests need it most.”

David Wani, CEO, Twenty Four Seven Hotels

Why the hospitality industry loves our platform

Only pay when guests take a trip or eat

When you use Vouchers, you decide how much you’ll cover for both trips and meals. Plus, you only pay when they use the service.

Request multiple trips in an instant

With Central, it’s easy to request trips now or schedule them for later. There’s no limit to how many trips you can have in progress at the same time.

Make safety a priority

From COVID-19 safety checklists to mandatory driver background checks, we’ve taken steps to help protect everyone who uses our platform.

Your business is going places. We're here to help.