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Manage your business meals and trips in one dashboard

Manage billing, control account privileges, gain visibility into programme spending and more – all from a central dashboard.

Access powerful features from one central dashboard

  • Set the rules

    Customise your team's travel and meal policies. Define location, spending and time limits.

  • Manage billing

    Choose to either pay per trip or opt into monthly billing and get a single receipt for the period.

  • Track carbon emissions

    Evaluate your organisation’s carbon footprint resulting from ground transportation. Measure your progress toward a more sustainable future.

  • Monitor activity

    Review all employee trips and meals in a single view. Generate insightful reports with data on time, location, cost and more.

  • Set up expense integrations

    Set up Uber receipt forwarding to expense providers like SAP Concur, Zoho Expense and others.

  • Grant access

    Easily control employee access to your company's Uber programmes. Grant or remove user permissions individually or in bulk.


Find everything you need in our dashboard

"The fact that we're able to run reports directly from the dashboard by department and team, and consolidate all of the expenses, is a huge win by itself."

Sunil Madan, Corporate CIO, Zoom

Programmes you can create and manage

Business travel

Your teams are always a tap away from reserving a trip in over 10,000 cities around the world. We make it easy to set permissions and track spending.


Let employees and customers get local favourites delivered from over 780,000 restaurant partners, while you control budgets and policies.*


Help your employees get to work safely by subsidising trips to and from the office. It's easy to set limits on location, time of day and budget.

Your business is going places. We're here to help.

*Uber Eats is not available in all places where trips are offered on the Uber app. Check for city and country availability.