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Our approach to pricing

Your business is only billed our standard rates for trips and meal delivery.

Are you a large business looking for custom solutions? Contact us.

How pricing works with Uber for Business

No service fees

Customers that sign up directly and don't require custom solutions never pay service fees. Period.

Standard rates only

The prices for trips and meals are the same for business and personal use.

Access powerful features at no extra cost

  • Customisable programmes

    Easily set limits and allowances based on day, time, location and budget. You can also customise for different teams or departments.

  • Automatic expense reconciliation

    We integrate with SAP Concur and other expense providers to enable automatic billing and reconciliation, saving everyone time.

  • Flexible billing options

    Your business can choose to pay per trip or food order, or request a monthly bill. There are no upfront costs or minimum spend.

  • Custom expense codes

    Save everyone time and hassle with custom expense codes that ensure that trips and meals are coded correctly for reconciliation.

  • Centralised payment

    You have the option to let your team charge to a single company credit card. No more reimbursements or manager approvals.

  • Reporting and insights

    Monthly reports give you unparalleled visibility into spending and usage, so you can fine-tune your policies and improve your bottom line.


Frequently asked questions

  • We integrate with Certify, Chrome River, Expensify, Expensya, Fraedom, Happay, Rydoo, SAP Concur, Serko, Zeno and Zoho Expense.

  • The default billing option is pay per trip. Monthly billing is available to accounts that spend more than $2,500 a month.

  • After you arrive at your destination or receive your meal delivery, your final cost will be calculated automatically and charged to the payment method you’ve set.

  • Open the app and enter your destination in the ‘Where to?’ box. The price estimate for each trip option will appear.

  • In most cities, your cost is calculated up front, before you confirm your trip. In others, you’ll see an estimated price range.

Your business is going places. We're here to help.