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Driving with Uber Pool

Uber Pool gives you the opportunity to make money with two or more fares on one trip. Ready to be a Pool pro? Get the details on how Uber Pool works in the UK.

How it works

Learn about Uber Pool

Uber Pool allows riders going in the same direction to share a ride together for a cheaper price. This means that you can make money with two or more fares on one trip. So whilst uberX allows you to make money with your car, Pool gives you the opportunity to make money with every seat.

We've recently launched a new variable service fee for Uber Pool trips. The variable service fee is linked to our ability to match trips. It is lower in cases where we can’t find you a matched trip (with extra fares), and higher where we can.

The service fee for Pool trips will be updated for each requesting rider and you can see the trip fare and service fee in the Waybill.

During peak times (Monday-Friday, 8pm-4am, and throughout the weekend) Uber Pool rides are 25% cheaper than similar uberX trips but at all other times the discount will be 15% compared with similar uberX trips. Uber Pool trips booked within Zones 3 can only end in Zone 1 and 2. Uber Pool trips booked within Zone 4 can only end in Zone 1.

Informational videos

Understanding how Uber Pool works

Lesson 1

UberPool Safety Training

Uber support

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We're here to help. Get answers to your questions by visiting our online help center.

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Helpful tips for Pool trips

UberPool Safety Training

As part of our commitment to safety, and following discussions with TfL, we’ve launched a ride-sharing training programme for all partner drivers. This training will give you valuable skills for both UberPool and other types of trips, helping you to identify a difficult rider, deal with the situation correctly and then report them.

Lesson 2

UberPool: Managing Potential Conflicts Between Co-Riders

Lesson 3

UberPool: Managing Potential Conflicts With Your Riders

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