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The trip options on this page are a sample of Uber’s products, and some might not be available where you use the Uber app. If you check your city’s web page or look in the app, you’ll see which trip types you can request.

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Your local taxis -> now on Uber

Introducing Taxi, the newest way to get a trip with Uber. Now you have the option to request a taxi using your Uber app.

How to get a taxi near you

Uber makes it easy to get a taxi nearby. There’s no need to find a cab stand, hail a cab on the street, or even call the local cab company in the cities where Uber Taxi is available. Instead, you can use the Uber app or website to request a taxi in just a few taps or clicks. Here’s how:

1. Request a taxi near you

Enter and confirm your preferred pickup and destination addresses. Make sure they’re correct, then select Uber Taxi. This will ensure that you request a taxi nearby, instead of UberX, for example.

After you’ve been matched with a driver, you’ll see their vehicle details and can track their arrival on the map.

2. Match with a nearby taxi driver

Once you’ve requested the ride, we’ll look to match you with a taxi driver near you. Upon being matched, you’ll see their vehicle details and can track their arrival on the map. When the taxi arrives, check that the vehicle details match what you see in the app before getting in. You’ll see the car’s color noted—perhaps indicating that a yellow cab will be picking you up—and its plate numbers, so you know what to look for.

3. Complete and pay for your taxi ride

Your taxi driver will have turn-by-turn directions to your destination, so you don’t have to worry about the route. Once your trip is complete, you’ll be automatically charged through your payment method on file, so you can exit the vehicle as soon as you arrive. The total cost should reflect the upfront trip price you were shown before requesting the taxi ride.

How much does a trip with Uber cost?

Plan your next trip with the price estimator. Know before you go – so there's no maths and no surprises.

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5 reasons to request Local Cab with Uber

24/7 access

The Uber app is available all day and night, which means you can request a taxi near you around the clock.

Safety features

Uber prioritizes safety for everyone in the community. In a few taps, riders can access in-app features like the emergency assistance button, which calls authorities if needed.

Upfront pricing

Uber cares about pricing transparency, so the app shows riders an estimate of the total taxi price before making a request.*


In cities where taxis are available through the Uber app, you can request one from wherever you are. That means you can skip street hailing and await your taxi driver where you’d like.


When you request a taxi, the Uber app will match you with licensed taxi drivers.

When to request taxi service near you

Whether you need a ride to or from a local bar or restaurant, work event, airport, or somewhere else, consider requesting a taxi to fulfill your transportation needs.

Getting around your city

Let Uber Taxi help you stay on the go—while commuting, going out for the night, running errands, and more.

Traveling for business

Car-free while traveling for work? Request a taxi to get to and from your out-of-town meetings and conferences on time.

Going to the airport

To get to or from your next adventure or work trip, request an airport taxi ride on demand with Uber in select cities. (Check the app to confirm that Uber Taxi is available.)

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Frequently asked questions about getting a taxi

  • The cost of your taxi ride will depend on factors like the distance between your pickup and dropoff points. Before you request a taxi with Uber, you’ll be shown an estimated ride price.

  • With upfront pricing, you can review an estimated taxi price before requesting a ride, then decide if the rate works with your budget. If you’re open to non-taxi transportation options, you can compare the estimated taxi price with that of other Uber ride options in the app and see if there’s a more affordable choice you’d prefer to get you from pickup to dropoff.

  • To learn how to request a taxi near you using Uber, follow the steps outlined above on this page.

  • When you request a taxi with Uber, there’s no need to call a cab company or taxi driver directly. Instead, you can request a taxi—in the cities where taxis are available on Uber—just as you would an Uber ride option like UberX. Once you’re matched with a driver, you have the option of contacting them directly through the Uber app.

  • One of the benefits of using Uber to get a taxi nearby is that you can request one from anywhere. There’s no need to find a cab stand or hail a taxi from the street.

  • When you request a taxi ride with Uber, you’ll be matched with the closest one available. If there are none, you’ll be notified accordingly. Another benefit of using Uber to request a taxi is that if there aren’t any taxis near you, you can consider selecting a different Uber ride option to cover your transportation needs.

  • If taxis are available in your city, they’ll be listed as one of the ride options available to you in the Uber app. If you prefer to get a taxi nearby to go from point A to point B, be sure to select Uber Taxi before making your ride selection.

  • The number of passengers your local taxi accommodates will be listed in the app. You’ll be shown this information up front so you can select a ride option that fits your needs accordingly.

  • Whether you opt for taxi service or UberX, you’ll pay for your ride the same way: with the payment method on file. You’ll be charged automatically, so you can ride whether you have your wallet or cash on hand or not.

*The up-front price you’re shown may change if you add stops, update your destination, make significant changes to the route or duration of the trip, or pass through a toll that was not factored into your up-front price. In addition, you may incur wait-time fees for the time you take to get to the car at the pickup or fees for time spent at an on-trip stop.