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Uber Medics – Subsidised rides for NHS and care home staff

November 11, 2020 / United Kingdom

We’re pleased to announce that Uber Medics is back, offering 25% off rides for all NHS and UK care home staff.

This is our way of supporting NHS and care home staff as you continue working to support the country through new Covid-19 restrictions.

Further savings with Mastercard have now expired.

What is Uber Medics?

Uber Medics is a ride option designed exclusively for NHS & care home staff as you continue working through the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • 25% cheaper rides compared to regular Uber fares for NHS and UK care home staff (capped at £30 saving per ride)
  • More flexibility on waiting time, to ensure staff can get to their pick-up point
  • Uber drivers receive their normal fee and Uber does not make a profit from Uber Medics rides
  • Available all day, everyday until at least 28th February 2021

How to ride – NHS

All you need is an Uber account linked to your NHS email address – there are no vouchers or promo codes. To change the email address associated with your Uber account:

  • Tap on the menu on the top left of the app
  • Tap on your profile picture
  • You can now view and edit your email address

Once your account is linked to your NHS email address, simply enter your destination in ‘Where to’ and then select ‘Uber Medics’ from the product list in-app. Please note it can take up to 48 hours for the Uber Medics product to appear once you have updated your email address.

If you don’t currently have an Uber account, you can sign up to Uber here. Make sure to sign up using your NHS email address so you can use Uber Medics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Terms and conditions

1. Conditions of the offer

A. Eligibility

1) Uber Medics is available to NHS staff and care home staff (of care home organisations registered with Uber Medics account) in England and Wales, aged 18 years or over who have an Uber account and are compliant with the Uber User Terms, except employees of Uber, agents or any third party directly associated with administration of this offer.

2) Uber Medics will be made available in the Uber App to Uber accounts that are associated with (i) an official NHS email address (ending in or; and (ii) care home organisations that have registered for an Uber Medics account.

3) Uber Medics may also be made available to any other Uber account that Uber at its sole and absolute discretion is satisfied is associated with an eligible member of NHS or care home staff. 

4) Uber Medics is only available in the following cities across England and Wales:  London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Merseyside, South West, Leicester, Nottingham, Cambridge and East Anglia, North East, South Coast, UK, Sheffield, Cardiff, Brighton and Sussex, and Stoke. 

B. Promotion details

1) The 25% saving will be automatically applied to all Uber Medics trips. This saving is funded by Uber, as Uber pays part of the fare on your behalf.  Uber Medics trips paid for with a Mastercard will attract an additional 25% saving, again paid on your behalf (both savings together are the Promotion). To be eligible for the additional 25% saving and receive in total a 50% saving on an UberMedics trip you must pay with a Mastercard (offer is not valid when paid using Mastercard linked to Apple Pay or Paypal) . The Promotion is valid only for rides in the UK in the cities listed in section A above and riders can take unlimited number of trips with a maximum saving of £30 per trip applies.

2) The Promotion will be available for a limited time only at Uber’s sole discretion. Uber reserves the right to hold, void, cancel, suspend, or amend the Promotion or where it becomes necessary to do so.

3) The Promotion cannot be combined with any other offers or promotions. The promotion does not apply to business profiles, cancellation fees, tips or applicable surcharges. Uber retains the right to amend or cancel this promotion at its discretion without notice.

4) Full rider promotions terms and conditions are available here.

*Further savings from Mastercard: We estimate that the value of the funds allocated to this promotion will be available for approximately 4 weeks.