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Introducing rides for you and your pet 🐾

April 25 / United Kingdom

Great news! You never need to leave your four-legged friend at home again! Now you can request a ride in the Uber app to get around together. 

Whether you’re visiting a friend or running a quick errand, we can get you and your pet there in no time.

Comfortable rides with your pet

Get around with your pet for a small fee on top of your trip fare. Just choose Uber Pet when you request your next ride. As a courtesy to your driver, we recommend that you bring a towel to protect the vehicle’s seats.

If you are riding with a service animal, you do not need to select Uber Pet. This is because, in accordance with our Service Animal Policy and in accordance with the Equality Act 2010, drivers are required to transport passengers with service animals (unless the driver has a medical exemption), regardless of the ride option. Drivers have also been reminded of their legal obligations and warned that if they knowingly refuse to transport a rider because of their service animal, then they risk losing access to the Uber app permanently.

Follow our advice and your Uber trip will be a walk in the park. Wait – don’t say that out loud!