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Private: Mississauga’s Restaurant Industry Supports Uber

March 26, 2017 / Toronto

Dear Mississauga City Council,

We, the undersigned, as members of Mississauga’s restaurant industry, are writing you to tell you about the positive impact of Uber and ridesharing is having in Mississauga for our customers and business.

It’s well known that with uberX, residents of Mississauga get to use their vehicles–an asset that sits around most of the time unused–to make extra cash. The truth is that our kitchens are just like vehicles, and are often underutilized.

“For a small business, we face hardship, but there has been really good support from Uber. It’s a necessity for small businesses. It is free advertisement for every restaurant on there, and more access to customers”
Mohammed LaRoche – LaRoche Lebanese Restaurant

With UberEATS, we are using our expensive fixed assets much more efficiently. As a result, not only are we more sustainable, but we’re putting more people to work with many of us adding shifts and staff. Even our suppliers are realizing the benefits, seeing a growth in orders from us.

UberEATS only launched its app a few short months ago in Mississauga, but we are already seeing a future where it will be easier for restaurants to extend their reach, employ more people, and stay afloat. It’s becoming an increasingly important part of the restaurant and small business community.

“We are an active supporter of UberEATS because it has raised our sales from an empty kitchen to a busy kitchen. This has also helped us hire a couple more employees in the process providing jobs to people who did not have them before.”
Ranjana Sengupta – Mucho Burrito (Dixie)

We do want to note that we value the service that taxis and ridesharing provide to our patrons, helping them safely get to and from our bricks and mortar operations. We see room for both industries to continue to coexist.

That said, recognizing that UberEATS is dependent on a robust ridesharing industry, we are calling on city council to support regulations that allow for this innovation to continue to thrive.

Please support a smart framework for smart ridesharing regulations on March 29th.


Spring Rolls
Village Suya
Mumma’s Burritos
Extreme Pita
LaRoche Lebanese Restaurant
Colossus Greek Taverna
Mucho Burrito
Sir Winston’s Bistro Cafe
Galito’s Flame Grilled Chicken
Burger’s Priest (TBC)
Sora Sushi Bar
Porchini Catering
Teriyaki Experience