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Pro tips for delivery drivers

Tampa Bay

Ready to start delivering with UberEATS? Here are all the tips from our top partners.

Where to drive

You can receive delivery 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in our delivery zone. Our current delivery zone spans across Tampa Bay including Tampa, Clearwater, Largo, St. Petersburg, and Brandon. The shaded areas on this map show the busiest areas.

Peak hours:

  • Lunch (11am-2pm)
  • Dinner (5pm-9pm)

Pro tips

Take good care of the goods: After double-checking the order number, always ensure packaging items, cutleries, and other disposable items are provided.

Always make sure you handle the order with care and try your best to keep the order how you found it from the restaurant. Keep pizzas laid flat, keep cold and hot food separated, and keep the food from falling over.

Keeping hot meals hot, and cold meals cold: Bring your insulated bag into the restaurant when you’re picking up food. It will help keep food warm and restaurant owners and their customers happy. Do not place cold and hot bags both inside the insulated bag. If getting an order for both cold and hot, it is best to keep cold items outside of the insulated bag and the hot items inside of it.

Cancels/ no shows: Attempt to contact the customer if you are having trouble locating them. If the customer isn’t there and can’t be reached after 10 minutes, discard the item and complete the trip.

Finding parking: Check your Uber Driver app for any special delivery instructions from the customer. Feel free to call the customer if you are having trouble finding parking. Please make sure you’re parked legally at all times. Uber is not liable for any parking fees you accrue.

Getting more details: Tap the clipboard in the right-hand corner of the app to get more trip details—like what you’re picking up and where you’re delivering. You’ll also be able to see contact details for the business and the recipient.

Dropping off: All deliveries should be made to the customer's door unless the customer specifically requested to meet you at the curb or somewhere else, such as a building lobby. If you have difficulty parking, try calling the customer to see if they can recommend where to park or if they prefer to come curbside to pick up their order.

Getting multiple orders from the same pickup location: Occasionally you’ll be asked to pick up two or even three orders from the same location. Please take all of the orders you get at the pickup location. Each counts as a trip, and the app will guide you to each drop-off location. They’ll likely be near one another. Make sure you’re delivering the right order to the right person.

Don't forget to say hello: Greet and be courteous to the customer. Remember, they are rating the experience! When the customer opens the door, introduce yourself to make sure you’re handing the right order to the right person, such as: “The Goodburger, for Jennifer.”

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