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Weekly promotions

Your chance to earn more

Uber partners can participate in 2 types of promotions: Quest and Boost. Depending on what city you drive in, you may receive both, or just one or the other. Learn about each promotion and how it works.


Complete a set number of trips to earn a cash reward

With Quest, you’ll earn extra once you complete a set number of trips within a certain time period—typically within a week or weekend.

Here’s an example: Take 10 trips this weekend and get an extra $50.


With Boost, you earn guaranteed higher fares in featured locations during busy times of day.

Boost fares work in multiples. If you get a trip in a 2x Boost zone that's usually $10, then your Boosted fare is $20, or twice (2x) the amount.

If Surge pricing is ever higher than your Boost, then you’ll make the Surge amount.

Where to find promotion details

Look out for weekly emails and text alerts about available Quest and Boost promotions.

You can also check your Driver app anytime to see if you have a promotion. Just go to Earnings and then tap the Promotions tab.

CHeck it out

Where to find your extra earnings

You can find your extra earnings in your weekly pay statement. Boost earnings will be under the line item labeled Boost, and Quest earnings will be under the line item labeled Promotions.

Track as you go

You can track your progress in the app by going to the Promotions tab under Earnings.

Instant Pay

Once you complete a promotion, you can cash out your extra earnings using Instant Pay. Don't have Instant Pay? Learn how to set it up.

Tips are on top

Tips belong to you and are added on top of your fares and promotions earnings.