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Delivery tips

Earn a great delivery rating

Wondering what you can do to offer great delivery service and keep your delivery rating high? Here’s what top delivery partners say works for them.

Deliver to the door or curbside

One of the most common reasons people give poor ratings for deliveries is because they requested items to be delivered to their door and were asked to come outside to retrieve them.

When you start the delivery, you’ll see where the user has requested the delivery. If you need to deliver to their door but have trouble finding a place to park, start by checking for delivery instructions which may explain the best place to find parking. If you’re having trouble finding a spot, contact the customer to let them know. They may offer to meet you outside.

Check for delivery instructions

If you’re delivering to a business or multi-residence building, you may need door codes or instructions on where to go. Delivery instructions, which show up below the customer’s name in the app, may provide details like where to park, what door to use, security codes, or details on who to leave the delivery with. It’s a good idea to always check for instructions before contacting the customer.

Verify the order number at pickup and drop off

Delivering the wrong package is a fast way to get a negative rating. Top delivery partners take the time to verify that they’re picking up and delivering the right packages by reviewing and verifying the order number or name on the package before picking up and before dropping off.

At pickup, you may try introducing yourself to the staff who can help ensure you have the right order, and when you drop off, you may mention what you’re delivering so the customer is sure they’re getting what they wanted.

Bring your phone when you leave your car

The Uber partner app has details you need for both pickup and dropoff, so it’s best to keep your phone on you when you get out of your car. You may need it to confirm order details, contact the customer, or review delivery instructions.

Contacting the customer when arriving at the dropoff spot

If you’re unable to find the customer when delivering, you can try calling them. If they don’t answer, you can tap the banner that appears to indicate that they didn't answer, then press the button to notify the customer that you are at the drop off location with the customer’s order. This will send them a notification, and a timer will begin. If they don’t contact you by the time the countdown runs out and you follow the prompts to end the delivery, you’ll still get paid and it won’t affect your cancellation rate. A high number of canceled deliveries may result in you not being paid for them. This helps prevent fraudulent activity.


  • Never use another partner’s account. It’s against our policy to do so.
  • Deliver as fast as possible and communicate delays
  • Be mindful of how many times you call the customer
  • Be friendly and polite, and introduce yourself when appropriate
  • Avoid canceling orders once you’ve accepted them
  • Do not ask for payment
  • Handle food and packages carefully
  • Remove your hat or helmet when delivering to a business
  • Be accurate about when you start and end trips
  • Use the vehicle that is registered to your account
  • Keep track of your rating to see how you’re doing

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