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Business license

Here's how to get yours

In order to drive with Uber, you must obtain a free Portland business license. Follow these simple steps to obtain yours.

Step by step

How-to guide

Follow these steps or visual guide to get your free business license

  • Step 1 Click here to access Portland's Revenue Division page and create an account.
  • Step 2 Select "New Business Registration" and click continue on the What would you like to do page.
  • Step 3 Click "continue" on the Avoid Duplicate Accounts page.
  • Step 4 Leave the "Preliminary ID number" box blank and click "Continue" on the Enter Preliminary ID page.
  • Step 5 Select "Sole Proprietorship" and click continue on the Business Entity Type page.
  • Step 6 Select today's date and click continue on the Select Business Start Date page.
  • Step 7 Enter your contact information and click continue on the Enter Primary Contact Information page.
  • Step 8 Enter your name and social security number (make sure to include the dashes) and click continue on the Enter Business Owners page.
  • Step 9 Enter your address, select "81 - Other Services", and enter "Private Driver" or "rideshare" as the business activity description, and click continue on the Edit a Location page.
  • Step 10 Verify your mailing address and click continue on the Verify Mailing Address page.
  • Step 11 Review your information and click "Agree" on the Review and Submit Registration page.
  • Step 12 Take a screen shot of the confirmation page and upload it to your account.
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