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Stay eligible to drive

Renew your TLC vehicle license

You'll need to get an inspection every 2 years. TLC will notify you when it's time to renew your license. See how to renew your TLC license and stay on the road with Uber in New York City.

TLC renewals

How to renew your FHV permit


Pay the TLC renewal fee

Pay the renewal fee sent to you by the TLC. You can pay this in advance of the FHV expiration at the link below to avoid missing the expiration date on your FHV permit.


Send documents

Send copies of the vehicle registration and insurance (FH1 and Certificate of Liability) to the TLC. Stop by the Greenlight Hub if you need help scanning copies of your documents!



Get an inspection

Attend the inspection appointment at the location and on the date in the email the TLC sends you.

Uber cannot request these appointment inspections for a vehicle owner. If an Inspection is missed a new one will be scheduled by the TLC.

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