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New Jersey hotspots

Where to drive

A great way to maximize your earnings is to drive in areas that tend to receive the most trip requests. To help you identify these areas, we compiled a list of the major hotspots throughout New Jersey for you to use as a guide. See the the map below for the busiest areas to drive, no matter the season.

New Jersey hotspots

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Pro Tips

Confirm your rider's name

Ask your rider what their name is to make sure you have the right rider, especially if you're picking up from a crowded location.

Be ready for groups

Many people may be traveling with friends or family, so keep your seats clear in case you have more than one rider. And if you drive an SUV, make it easy on yourself and have your back seats already up.

Double check the destination

Confirm the rider has added the destination they intended in their app. This will also help you let them know if there might be traffic that could affect their trip route.

Call or text before cancelling

If you have trouble finding your rider, we recommend calling or texting your rider through your Uber app. Telling the rider the color of your car, putting your 4-way flashers on, or describing the nearby buildings is often helpful.

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