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Jersey Shore hotspots

Where to drive

There's no place like the Jersey Shore in the summer. Discover the Shore's most popular destinations, the best times to drive, and pro tips to help you navigate the Shore during the busiest season.

When to drive

Expect the most activity on Independence Day weekend (June 30-July 4), with steady demand throughout the remainder of July and August.

Since riders will likely be spending their days at the beach, you can count on evenings to maximize your earnings. See below for the best times to drive at the Jersey Shore.

  • Weekday nights from 4pm—11pm
  • Weekend evenings from 6pm—1am

From the Highlands to Seaside Heights, here's where to drive along the northern shore

Northern Jersey Shore hotspots

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From Beach Haven to Wildwood, here's where to drive along the southern shore

Southern Jersey Shore hotspots

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Requests at the Shore

Pickup tips

Traffic at the Shore may be difficult to navigate, especially on the weekends. If you can't locate your rider, it's a good idea to call or text them to see where they are.

If a rider accidentally enters the wrong pickup address, they can now change their pickup location after requesting to be within a certain radius of the location they first entered. If your rider has moved from their original pickup address, you can ask them to update it in their Uber rider app.

Pro Tips

Confirm your rider's name

Ask your rider what their name is to make sure you have the right rider, especially if you're picking up from a crowded location.

Be ready for groups

Many people may be traveling with friends or family, so keep your seats clear in case you have more than one rider. And if you drive an SUV, make it easy on yourself and have your back seats already up.

Double check the destination

Confirm the rider has added the destination they intended in their app. This will also help you let them know if there might be traffic that could affect their trip route.

Call or text before cancelling

If you have trouble finding your rider, we recommend calling or texting your rider through your Uber app. Telling the rider the color of your car, putting your 4-way flashers on, or describing the nearby buildings is often helpful.

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