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Where to drive


From The Basque to The Knitting Factory and Steelhead's Arena to Downtown , maximize your earnings by driving in areas with the most requests.


Red indicates the areas with the highest number of trip requests

Hot times to drive


Morning rush hour
Monday - Friday: 4am - 9am
Commuters will be heading downtown for work hours or trips to the airport. Most trips will be inbound towards the city, so there is a lot of demand in outlying residential areas.

Evening rush hour
Monday - Friday: 4pm - 7pm
Most trips will begin downtown and head out of the city towards residential areas.


Weekend Day Times
Saturday + Sunday: 5am - 6pm

Saturdays and Sundays are the busiest days on Uber, even during the daytime. Highest demand will be in and around residential areas and eateries. Saturday mornings when the Broncos are playing football at home will be especially busy with fans going to and from the games.

Weekend Nighttime
Friday + Saturday: 6pm - 3am

Nightlife draws crowds out as early as 6:00PM (or earlier on Saturdays). The highest demand will be downtown and around Boise State campus.

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