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Georgia Regulatory Compliance


40-1-195(a) Each taxi service, transportation referral service, transportation referral service provider, and ride share network service doing business, operating, or providing transportation services in this state shall include its license number issued by the department in any advertising in this state; provided, however, that this Code section shall not apply to Internet advertisements. Limousine carriers which register as transportation referral service providers under this part shall be subject to the advertising requirements of this Code Section and not the provisions of Code Section 40-1-165. Failure to provide such license number shall result in the imposition of a civil penalty not to exceed $5,000.00 for each violation


40-1-193(c)(3) Each ride share network service doing business or operating in this state shall:... (3) Have a zero tolerance policy with regard to the use of drugs or alcohol while on duty in place for drivers contracted with such ride share network service;


36-60-25(e) As used in this subsection, the term 'stage' means to stop, park, or otherwise place a vehicle for hire, other than a taxicab, in the loading or curbside area of any business for the purpose of soliciting a fare when such vehicle is not engaged in a prearranged round-trip or prearranged one-way fare. It shall be illegal to stage limousine carriers, as defined in paragraph (5) of Code Section 40-1-151, or ride share drivers, as defined in paragraph (3) of Code Section 40-1-190. A person who violates this subsection shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.


40-1-195(b) Each ride share driver shall display a consistent and distinctive signage or emblem that is approved by the Department of Public Safety on such ride share driver's vehicle at all times while the ride share driver is active on the ride share network service's digital network.


Driver-partners who partner with Rasier, LLC are required to maintain their vehicles in good operating condition consistent with industry safety and maintenance standards and in accordance with applicable law (including O.C.G.A. 40-8-7). To the extent we become aware of a violation of O.C.G.A. 40-8-7 by a driver-partner, we take appropriate steps to address the violation consistent with our obligation pursuant to O.C.G.A. 40-1-193(c).


40-8-7 No person shall drive or move on any highway any motor vehicle ... unless the equipment upon any and every such vehicle is in good working order and adjustment as required in this chapter and the vehicle is in such safe mechanical condition as not to endanger the driver or other occupant or any person upon the highway.

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