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To make sure we’re doing our part to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, we’re switching to an appointment-only model for select Greenlight locations. Drivers and delivery people are required to schedule an appointment in advance if they want to visit a Greenlight location.

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Техосмотры автомобиля

Las Vegas
For vehicle inspections in Las Vegas, please visit the Uber Greenlight Hub or an ASE certified mechanic. Inspections cost $20 at the Greenlight Hub located at 5031 Wagon Trail Ave.

Ежегодные техосмотры автомобиля

1. Найти центр техобслуживания

Nevada law requires Uber drivers to inspect their vehicle every year. Most inspection centers have forms available, but you may want to bring one just in case.

2. Gather your materials

Visit the Greenlight hub or schedule an inspection with a licensed facility. Note that Uber does not cover inspection costs and the cost of the inspection at the Greenlight Hub is $20.

3. Загрузить заполненную форму

Once you pass, upload the form to your account through your app. Uber does not cover repairs or maintenance to pass an inspection.

Inspection centers in Las Vegas

Location marker
5031 Wagon Trail Ave, Ste 111
Las Vegas, Nevada 89118
Monday - 10am - 5pm
Tuesday - 10am - 5pm
Wednesday - 10am - 5pm
Thursday - 10am - 5pm
Friday -10am - 5pm
Saturday - CLOSED
Sunday - CLOSED

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