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UberPool pickups at SFO are moving

June 22, 2018 / San Francisco

Together with SFO, we’re rolling out a new pickup experience for UberPool and Express Pool for Terminals 1-3, beginning June 25. We’ve worked with SFO to make this change to help reduce airport congestion and help shared-ride trips exit SFO faster, especially during peak times.

Accessing the pickup location

For UberPool and Express Pool pickups from Terminals 1-3, you can meet your riders for pickup at Level 5 of the Domestic Garage. Once you receive a pickup request from the Staging Lots located on the corner of East Millbrae Avenue and South McDonnell Road, you will be navigated to the garage.

Map from Staging Lots to Domestic Garage at SFO
You can use US-101 to get from the Staging Lots to the Domestic Garage at SFO.

Once you arrive at the garage entrance:

  • Use the far left lane–labeled “Limo / Lyft / Uber Only”—to enter the garage; the bar at the entry will be lifted and no ticket is needed
  • Head up to Level 5 of the garage, where you will find the pickup area
  • Note that one pickup area will be adjacent to skybridges for each terminal
  • You can wait for your rider in any of the stalls dedicated to driver-partners; each terminal will have its own parking stalls
  • If your rider is not ready, please wait at the dedicated TNC lot between elevator cores B and D

Note: SFO reserves the right to change its pickup and dropoff locations.

How to get from the Staging Lot to the Domestic Garage.

Some pickups will remain curbside

The above changes only apply to UberPool and Express Pool pickups for Terminals 1-3. If your rider requests UberPool or Express Pool from the international terminal, then you can meet them curbside. Pickups on all other ride options, including UberX, will remain curbside on the Departures Level.

Where to drop off

Per SFO regulations, you should drop off your riders curbside on the Departures Level. This includes shared rides like UberPool and Express Pool, as well as other ride options like UberX.

Pro tips

  • Make sure you have Uber vehicle decals on both windshields, with the SFO placard on the front windshield
  • You should only enter the garage once you have an UberPool or Express Pool pickup request. To wait for a pickup request, you can park in the Staging Lots located at the corner of East Millbrae Avenue and South McDonnell Road
  • If you do not see your rider when waiting at your stall, exit the core and enter the TNC lot between elevators B and D
  • Once you’ve picked up your rider, you can exit from Level 5 onto the highway
  • Have more questions about the new pickup zone at SFO? Check out our FAQ page