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Making Our Streets Safe For People on Bikes

September 22, 2016 / San Francisco

Any person who bikes will tell you that getting around San Francisco can be tough — and not just because of the steep hills. The city’s busy and congested roads are a real safety concern for people on bicycles. At Uber, we’re committed to making sure the streets of our hometown are as safe as possible for people in cars, on foot and on bicycles alike.

As San Francisco embarks on a bold plan, Vision Zero SF, to eliminate traffic deaths by 2024, we want to do our part to make that vision a reality.

We’re partnering with the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition to connect Uber users with valuable safety tips that can save lives. We’ll be rolling out a series of videos with information about how drivers can share the road with people on bikes safely. We’ll also be sending Bay Area passengers tips and tools to help prevent collisions, like checking for people on bikes before they get out of their Uber. These sorts of small changes can make a big difference.

We are all better off when it’s easy to get around a city without getting behind the wheel. And Uber is just one piece of the puzzle. Studies have found that shared modes of transportation complement each other — for instance, people who use ridesharing apps are more likely to use bike-sharing and public transit, and less likely to own a car. We’re proud to be working with public transit authorities and organizations like the SF Bicycle Coalition to make our streets safer, less congested, and less polluted.

Nobody likes a road hog. It’s up to all of us to learn how we can share the road and prevent collisions as we move around our cities.