Become an EV Champion

September 26, 2018 / San Francisco

At Uber, we are committed to working towards a greener future for our cities. Empowering those driving electric vehicles on our platform takes the next step of turning more of those shared miles into shared, electric miles.

Want to become an EV Champion?

If you drive a battery electric or plug-in electric vehicle in Sacramento, San Diego, or San Francisco, you are eligible to become an EV Champion. Participation in this program is entirely voluntary.

How does it work?

You’ll have the option to carry in-car materials and chat with riders about the benefits of electric vehicles. If you choose, you can also participate in EV community events and provide feedback to Uber. All participation is entirely voluntary.

Ready to hit the road?

Stop by the Uber Greenlight Hub and speak with an Uber Expert to learn more about the EV Champions program, register, watch the introduction video, and receive your optional in-vehicle materials. You can also sign up using the link below.