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Your guide to UberPool

With UberPool, riders heading in a similar direction can choose to share a ride. The Uber app finds an efficient route to pick up multiple riders along an UberPool trip. This means you can spend more time driving and less time waiting for your next trip request.

How UberPool works

In Australia, instead of door-to-door service, riders are directed to walk a short distance to the pickup point and a short distance to their destination from the drop-off point. This helps create smooth pickups at convenient locations, less looping around the block and more time on-trip.

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Taking an UberPool trip

Receive an UberPool request

When you’re online in an UberPool service area, you may receive an UberPool request. On the request screen, you'll see that the rider has selected ‘Pool’. If you’d like to accept, tap the screen to accept the request as you usually would.

Pick up the rider

Drive towards the first pickup address. When you reach the pickup location, the app will automatically begin a 2 minute countdown timer. With UberPool in Australia, riders walk to the pickup spot, so we recommend giving them a call after 1 minute waiting. If your riders don’t show up within 2 minutes, you can cancel the trip and select ‘rider no-show’ in the app.

Receive an additional UberPool request

En route to your rider’s destination, you may get another request added to your UberPool trip. This request may happen before the other rider is picked up or dropped off. The additional rider will be automatically accepted and navigation will be updated automatically, so we recommend using the in-app navigation to reduce back-and-forth between additional apps.

Drop off riders and rate the trip

The order of pickups and dropoffs is based on the route and where everyone is heading, so be sure to pick up and drop off riders in the order that the app displays, which may not be in the order they were picked up.

Reminder: Riders may be asked to walk a little bit from the dropoff spot to their final destination, so feel free to remind them of this if they ask.

Once you’ve dropped off all riders, you can assign a rating to each rider who was on the UberPool trip.

UberPool fares

How fares are calculated

When you accept an UberPool request, you’ll see the upfront fare for that trip plus the applicable Uber service fee, in your current trips. You will also see this for every additional UberPool rider that is added to the trip.

Like other upfront fares, UberPool upfront fares are calculated using factors that typically affect the price of a trip, including the expected time, traffic patterns and distance, as well as surge when demand is high. However, instead of applying the same base fare, time, and distance rates that currently exist in your city for UberX, a discounted rate will be applied for UberPool.

UberPool fares are a % less than UberX fares, and this % varies depending on the time of day of day. The aim is to keep UberPool earnings comparable with UberX. This means that UberPool fares will be lowest at peak hours when you’re most likely to have multiple riders matched on one trip, and the highest at times of day when matches are less likely.

UberPool fares

Understanding the details

Earnings opportunities

The goal with UberPool is to have multiple riders added to the same trip, which means you could have several riders paying you a fare at the same time. This gives you the opportunity to earn more than what you would have earned on the comparable UberX trip.

Some UberPool trips will be able to match multiple riders together better than others. The more time different riders, each on their own unique journey, spend sharing the same trip, the higher your fare will generally be. In some cases, such as an UberPool trip that is not matched with any additional riders, the fare you receive could be less than the comparable UberX fare.

Sliding service fee

To help keep your earnings from UberPool trips comparable with those from UberX, the service fee for UberPool varies for each requesting rider.

The service fee for the first rider will typically be the lowest, and the service fees for additional riders added to the trip will vary based on several factors, such as how many different riders are picked up on the same trip and how much of the overall trip has multiple riders.

UberPool cancellations

Situation 1: driver cancels

When a driver-partner arrives at their rider’s pickup location for an UberPool trip, the app will begin a 2 minute countdown timer. Because some riders will be asked to walk to the pickup spot, we recommend driver-partners wait 1 minute before calling their rider. If their rider doesn’t show up within 2 minutes, a driver-partner can cancel the trip and select ‘rider no-show’ in the app. In this case, the driver-partner will receive a cancellation fee (less Uber’s service fee).

Situation 2: rider cancels

If a rider cancels an UberPool trip they’ve requested after the request is accepted and their driver is heading towards them and is near the pickup point, the driver-partner will receive a cancellation fee (less Uber’s service fee).

Where is UberPool available?


The current UberPool service area in Melbourne.

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The current UberPool service area in Sydney.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions?

Still have questions?

Contact support by tapping ‘Help’ in the Uber Driver app, or by visiting our online Help Centre.