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Victoria State Regulations

Below is a list of the Victorian Government’s key regulatory requirements for drivers of commercial passenger vehicles. This list is intended to assist you in complying with their requirements.

Regulatory requirements for drivers

Driver Accreditation

The Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria (CPVV), formally the Taxi Services Commission, requires that all driver-partners in Victoria hold a valid driver accreditation (DA). Valid “hire car” and “taxi” driver accreditation certificates are both accepted on the Uber platform.

Don’t have a driver accreditation?

Commercial Passenger Vehicle Registration

As part of the commercial passenger vehicle requirements, Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria (CPVV) requires all driver-partners to register every vehicle they intend to drive on the Uber platform as a commercial passenger vehicle.

If you intend to rent a vehicle from the Uber Marketplace you will not be required to register that vehicle as this is conducted by the Vehicle Solutions Provider.

Have you registered your vehicle?

Vehicle identification stickers

All driver-partners are required to display vehicle identification whenever they are ‘online’ and completing trips using the Uber app. Uber will provide driver-partners with a removable sticker to be displayed on the passenger side of your vehicle's front windscreen.

Vehicle Inspections

The Taxi Services Commission also requires that all ridesharing driver-partners are ‘driving a safe vehicle’. Uber requires all driver-partners to complete a vehicle inspection through RedBook Inspect.

You are able to access your vehicle inspection in your Driver App. Simply head to your Account > Waybill > Vehicle Inspection Report to open a copy of the document.

Vehicle inspections are valid for 12 months from the date of issue - you can find the issue date on your inspection report.

Obligations on trips

The regulations include new on trip obligations for commercial passenger vehicle drivers. These include:

Smoking: New regulations prohibit smoking in a commercial passenger vehicle whilst the vehicle is being used to provide a commercial passenger vehicle service.

Rider assistance: New regulations require you to provide reasonable assistance to riders (for example, if a passenger requires help getting in and out of the vehicle) and to take the passengers’ directions of the most direct route.

Assistance animals: The law requires that service providers do not discriminate against riders with assistance animals, including denying service to riders with assistance animals because of the assistance animals. Uber takes incidents of this nature seriously. More information on assistance animals can be found on our Policies page

For more information on these obligations visit the Transport for Victoria website.

More Information

Taxi Services Commission (TSC) name change

The Taxi Services Commision (TSC) has changed its name to Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria (CPVV) and will continue to regulate all commercial passenger vehicle services. For more information on regulatory requirements in Victoria, head to the Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria website.

Need help? Get in contact

If you have any questions regarding your Uber account please visit, contact our 24/7 customer support through your Driver App, or contact us via our phone support line.

Ph: 1300 091 272 (within Australia)*

Ph: +61 1300 091 272 (from outside Aus)*

Available 7 days per week, 8am to 11.59pm AEST (including public holidays)

Victorian Government Commercial Passenger Vehicle (CPV) Service Levy

VIC $1.20 Government Levy

The Victorian Government requires all taxi, rideshare and hire car providers to pay a levy for each trip taken.

To account for the levy, the equivalent amount is added to the fare charged by you to the rider. As such, the levy is added to your rider's fare on your behalf and is subject to GST making the total amount $1.32 including $0.12 GST.

In turn, Uber collects the corresponding amount that is added to the fare charged by you to account for the levy. On this basis, your net earnings for each trip should not be impacted by the levy.

For more information on how to claim the GST credit, please see the ATO website below.


  • The levy applies to all commercial passenger vehicle trips in Victoria. That means that for UberX, Uber Pool, UberXL, Uber Assist riders will be charged the levy. This applies across all cities in Victoria.

  • Yes, the levy is in addition to the current fare structure.

  • The levy does not apply to trips that are not completed.

  • Yes, the levy is applied separately on each Uber Pool trip.

  • The levy is only applied once if the riders elect to split the fare.