uberASSIST provides extra assistance to people with different accessibility needs, including those living with disability, seniors, pregnant women, and people who are injured or ill.

What fare do I get for completing an uberASSIST trip?

Fares for uberASSIST are the same as fares for uberX.

If I receive uberASSIST trip requests, can I still receive uberX trip requests?

Yes, you will continue to receive your regular uberX requests along with uberASSIST requests.

How do I become an uberASSIST driver-partner?

If you’re eligible to accept uberASSIST trips, you’ll need to complete the Australian Network on Disability online course. Once you complete your 100th uberX trip, check your email for your invitation to take the course. Soon after, you’ll start receiving uberASSIST trip requests.

What if my car isn’t big enough to hold mobility equipment?

Every partner invited to uberASSIST drives a vehicle that should be able to accommodate an assistive device, such as a folding wheelchair or collapsible scooter. It’s a good idea to always leave space in your boot, as you never know when you might get an uberASSIST request. If your vehicle cannot safely fit your rider’s assistive device, you can cancel the trip and contact Support to let us know why.

How will I know it’s an uberASSIST request?

When you receive a request, ‘UBERASSIST’ will appear at the top of the request screen. You may also receive a notification in the app that reads ‘Rider requests assistance’.

Can I opt out of uberASSIST trips?

Yes, if you no longer wish to receive uberASSIST trips, just let us know.

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Do I have to allow assistance animals in my car?

Yes, for all Uber trips. The law requires transport service providers to transport riders who have guide dogs or other assistance animals.