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Uber Rentals is yours for hours

Save time with one car and driver for your multi-stop trips. How much time do you need?

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Skip the drive with Uber Rentals

Take a Rental Health Day. Travel stress-free all day by keeping one ride for your multi-stop trips.

How much time do you need?

Keep the car and driver for as long as you need

You can choose the number of hours you want to keep the car, from 1 Hour upto 12 Hours.

Make as many stops as you want

As plans evolve & you move along your day, you can add and remove stops. You can add upto 5 stops at once.

No hassles of driving or parking

Move around town all day without worrying about finding parking spots or driving in traffic. Hop in and hop off as you need.

Book anytime and get confirmation within minutes

Anytime you decide to rent a car for a few hours of the day, book on the Uber app and ride away all day.

How to book:

Click on the ‘Rentals’ button on your homescreen.

Choose the number of hours for your trip – You can choose the exact duration for which you need the car – from 1 Hr to 12 Hrs.

Click on ‘Book Rentals’ to get a ride.

Add multiple destinations – You can keep adding & removing destinations as per your plans.

Additional information:

  • You can choose from Uber Go Rentals, Sedan Rentals and even XL Rentals

  • The no. of hours you choose (from 1 Hour to 12 Hours) is the minimum amount you pay. Extra charges over and above your booking would be for every additional Km & Min price will be as per your city.

  • Tolls & taxes: Tolls & taxes would be additional and included in the final fare.

  • Parking charges to be paid to the driver in cash.

Terms & Conditions

Fares may vary due to traffic, weather and other factors. Uber doesn’t guarantee that a driver will confirm your trip request.