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Introducing Uber Pro

Uber is proud to offer a customer loyalty program that recognises outstanding drivers. Uber Pro rewards will include improved support and more to help you reach your goals - on and off the road.

Terms and conditions apply.

Get more from the road ahead

With Uber Pro, you have the opportunity to unlock new rewards as you reach a higher status.

More for your effort while you're on the road

Savings on fuel and car maintenance. Priority rematches at airports give you a higher pickup chance, and free ‘Destinations’ let you choose where you want to go next.

More protection and support

Unique-to-Uber vehicle interruption cover, free 24/7 breakdown assistance, and access to fast responses from experienced support agents when you have an issue.

More opportunities for you and your family

Fully-funded online short courses or modules towards an undergraduate degree for you or a family member with the Open University. Plus, Gympass membership for you and up to 5 family members at over 1,900 sport locations, from £7.99 per month per person.

London drivers

Rest of UK drivers

How Uber Pro works

The higher your status, the more rewards you unlock. Your status is determined by the quality of your service along with your trip points over a fixed 3-month period.

Drivers are able to opt-out of the program if they do not want to participate.

Terms and conditions apply.

Give quality service to riders

To qualify for Gold, Platinum and Diamond status, and continue receiving the corresponding rewards, you need to meet the following quality standards:

• driver rating 4.85 or above¹

• cancellation rate 4% or below²

¹Star rating average over the last 500 rated trips. If a driver has completed less than 500 trips, the star rating is based on the average star rating of all rated lifetime trips.

²The cancellation rate is the number of trips a driver confirmed and then cancelled, calculated on a rolling thirty (30) day basis. The cancellation rate does not take into account the trips a driver cancels when they are already at the pick-up point or on a trip (with a rider).

Earn points

Every trip earns you 1 point (for Uber Pool trips, points are awarded per rider entry).

Earn 2 points for trips completed between 6am and 10am on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, and between 10pm and 4am on Friday and Saturday (London drivers only).

Earn 3 points for trips done between 10pm and 4am on Friday and Saturday nights (RoUK drivers only).

Your total number of points determines your status: Blue, Gold, Platinum or Diamond.

Enjoy your rewards

Each status—Blue, Gold, Platinum and Diamond—unlocks a variety of rewards, which are available to you once you have achieved that status.

Some rewards might be subject to additional conditions.

Uber Pro benefits

Uber Pro benefits





Free 24/7 breakdown assistance with the AA

With Gold, Platinum, and Diamond rewards, you’re eligible for free breakdown assistance from the AA for up to 4 call-outs a year.


Fuel and in-store savings with BPme Rewards

With Uber Pro, you can earn points every time you fuel up at a bp service station or buy from the shop. Use your points to save you money on your next fuel or shop.


5 points per litre or £1 spent

10 points per litre or £1 spent

12 points per litre or £1 spent

16 points per litre or £1 spent

Discounted car maintenance with the AA

When you need a service or repair, Uber and the AA have you covered. Book online through the AA’s Smart Care service and get up to 10% off your car maintenance.






Free MOT with the AA

When you need an MOT, Uber and The AA have you covered. Book online through the AA's Smart Care service and receive up to 2 free MOTs per year.


Vehicle interruption cover with AXA XL

Enroll to receive a lump sum payment if your vehicle is damaged and you’re unable to drive it due to a covered accident.






Partner Protection from Allianz

We have partnered with Allianz Partners, the world's leading insurance brand, to provide you with protection from the financial cost of life-changing events. Now events like injury, sickness or having a baby don’t have to come with all of the additional financial stress.


Priority airport rematch

Once you drop a rider off at select airports, you’ll have a higher chance of getting a pickup at the airport.


Free Destination

When a long trip takes you to a slow area, you’ll have 15 minutes to set a destination that won’t count towards your daily limit. This feature is not available on Uber Pool trips


100% tuition coverage with The Open University

Free tuition coverage towards undergraduate degrees, higher education qualifications or short courses at The Open University for you or an eligible family member.


Gympass membership from £7.99

Discounted access to thousands of gyms for you and your family, starting at £7.99 per month.


Dedicated customer support

Get faster responses from Uber’s most experienced agents.


Unlimited voucher rewards when you refer your friends to INSHUR

Exclusive refer a friend offer, only through Uber Pro. Available to all Pro drivers, you don't need to be an INSHUR customer.

Get £50 for each friend you refer to INSHUR - and keep earning! Use your vouchers for petrol, your weekly shop or whatever you like at Tesco or Amazon.

Your friends get £25 vouchers when they join.






Discounted EV Charging Subscription with bp pulse, per month cost:

Enjoy the first month for free and then save up to 92% on your monthly subscription for bp pulse






EV Charging Credits with bp pulse, per month, up to:

Earn up to £20 of EV charging credits to use on the bp pulse network, subject to reaching minimum kWh usage thresholds.





Some cancels won’t affect your rate

Your cancellation rate is based on trips that you confirmed, but then cancelled in the last 30 days. If you cancel at the pickup location, because your rider doesn’t show or due to safety concerns for instance, it doesn’t count against your rate.

About your status

At the start of the new reward period, your status is determined by the points you earned in the previous 3-month period.

At any time during the 3 months of the reward period, you can upgrade to a higher status if you have earned enough points and your quality standards meet the applicable threshold.

In order to maintain your Gold, Platinum or Diamond status, you must maintain the quality standards.

You won’t be able to reach a higher status even if you earn more points if: Your star rating is between 4.82 and 4.84, and your cancellation rate is between 4.01% and 10%.

You will lose your Gold, Platinum or Diamond status and access to corresponding rewards if: Your star rating falls below 4.82, and your cancellation rate rises above 10%.

To earn back your status and rewards: Your rating must return to 4.85 or above, and your cancellation rate must return to 4% or below.

For all offers from our partners, drivers must have been cleared to drive with Uber and be active on the platform. Prices and discounts are subject to change or withdrawal at any time and without notice, and may be subject to other restrictions set by the partner. Please visit the partner’s website for a full description of the terms and conditions applicable to your rental, vehicle purchase, product, or service, including whether taxes, gas, and other applicable fees are included or excluded. Uber is not responsible for the products or services offered by other companies, or for the terms and conditions (including financial terms) under which those products and services are offered.