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Private Hire motor insurance and Uber

Choosing the correct insurance

We know that finding private hire insurance can be complicated, but without it, you won’t be able to get a Private Hire Vehicle Licence and drive with Uber.

From 1 January 2022 in London, we will only be accepting insurance policies from a specific list of Instadoc-approved insurance providers that have been integrated with our platform, which we’ve outlined below. Any delay in renewing and uploading insurance documents to your Uber account will delay your ability to accept trips on the Uber platform.

Insurance products designed with Uber Drivers in mind, including easier uploads to Uber

We’ve been working with a number of selected insurance providers to develop a range of private hire and fleet insurance policies to suit the needs of every driver who uses Uber.

Any delay in renewing and uploading insurance documents to your Uber account will delay your ability to accept rides. That’s why we’ve created a new digital insurance verification process, which will help you save time on manual uploads.

Choosing your insurer

In London in particular, we’ll only be accepting insurance from the selected insurance providers outlined below. If you are licensed by TfL it’s important you choose your policy with one of them if you’d like to drive on the Uber app.

This will begin to include vehicles on Fleet policies operating in London too. It will be important that the Fleet providers choose a policy with one to enable the vehicle to continue to be used on the Uber app.

If you drive outside of London, you’re free to choose any insurance provider you like. However, all the providers below offer automatic uploads of your insurance certificate directly to your Uber account, which will make the verification process easier for you.

Tap below to find out more about each of the Instadoc-approved insurance providers.

Given the impact of COVID-19 across the UK economy, our selected PHV insurance providers have a range of options to best support you during this difficult time. On top of Uber-specific features and free inclusion of food/parcel delivery usage, some options include short policy terms, significant price discounts, or flexible pricing for the current lower miles travelled.

For more information, please contact your insurance provider to find out about the options they have available to you.