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Transport for All

Convenient, safe and affordable transport, everywhere for everyone. That’s the big idea at the heart of Uber. Through our award-winning uberACCESS and uberASSIST products. Read on to learn more about your options and legal requirements.


Helping riders who require wheelchair accessible vehicles.

uberACCESS is a forward-facing wheelchair accessible product. All vehicles are fully wheelchair accessible and can transport one wheelchair user and an additional passenger. Available currently in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Leeds & Newcastle.


For those who require additional assistance in an uberX vehicle.

uberASSIST is an option for those who require additional assistance – such as older people and people with an access need - including those who may just feel more comfortable with extra assistance when getting from door-to-door.

Register to become an uberACCESS or uberASSIST partner driver

Only the highest-rated drivers have the chance to drive with uberACCESS and uberASSIST. Every uberACCESS and uberASSIST driver must attend and complete in-person disability equality training before they get behind the wheel.

Your legal obligations

Assistance dogs

Thousands of people in the UK rely on assistance dogs to help them get around their towns and cities and complete everyday tasks. All partner drivers in the UK have an important role to play in helping people with assistance dogs get around their cities.

The law

As an Uber partner driver you are required by law to accept assistance dogs. If you cannot take animals for medical reasons, please speak to the council about an exemption certificate. Once obtained, please ensure you carry it with you and show it to your rider whilst clearly explaining that you are unable to complete the trip. Advise them to cancel and rebook with another driver.

If you are found to have refused a rider with an assistance animal without having a medical exemption certificate, you will permanently lose access to the Uber app and risk losing your license and face possible prosecution.

How to help someone with an assistant dog:

  • Offer to help the rider and their dog into the car
  • Ask the owner where they would like their owner to sit or lie- remember dogs should be seating with their owners.
  • Assistance dog owners must be able to use taxis or private hire vehicles in the same way as everyone else.
Want to learn more? Watch this video.

Wheelchair Access

As an Uber partner driver you are required to make all reasonable efforts to accommodate a passenger with a folding wheelchair. You should assist the passenger into the vehicle and store the wheelchair in the boot. All drivers are expected to offer appropriate assistance to wheelchair users to ensure that they and their chairs are treated much the same as any other passenger.

  • Riders with Assistance Dogs

    Watch and learn from one vision impaired rider, Emily, as she shares her experience about having a guide dog and riding with her dog and Uber.

  • How to assist passengers with disabilities


How you can help your community

See what people think

Jamil, frequent uberACCESS rider

"As a wheelchair user myself, until I discovered UberACCESS, transport options specifically tailored towards wheelchair users in London were, you know, sparse, lacklustre and pricey. Finding a service like uberACCESS that was safe, affordable and easy to use that was bookable through a smartphone app meant I could spontaneously get around quickly and fuss free. Or, to put it differently, I could use transport in a way that fitted around me and the life I wanted to lead, as opposed to me having to previously adapt my lifestyle to accommodate poor services."

Muhammad Yasir Saddique, uberACCESS Driver

uberACCESS and uberASSIST are game changers for those that need an extra hand, helping them maintain their independence. Being an uberACCESS driver isn’t just rewarding - you see the difference you make in society and in the lives of others. I’d strongly recommend other drivers take the training with one of Uber’s approved partners.

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