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Online Topographical Preparation

Once you have submitted your TfL private hire application, you will be invited to book in for a topographical (map-reading) test. Make sure to prepare thoroughly beforehand with our online materials and in-person preparation sessions.

How to book the Topographical Skills Test

The assessment is held in TfL-approved centres (Baker Street/West Kensington) and is conducted under exam conditions by TfL assessors.

Assessments can only be booked through TfL.

All PHV application forms received after 1st October 2021 will be booked by the Topographical Assessment bookings team via email. You will receive a letter and email from the Topographical Assessment bookings team confirming the date and time of your assessment in due course following application.

For any queries, contact TfL’s Topographical Team on 0343 222 4444 or email

Once TfL have confirmed that you have successfully passed the topographical test, they will start they process of reviewing your full application.

How to prepare for the test

Once you booked your test, it’s really important that you start your revision using our detailed online resources. This is free and will give a much better chance of passing the topographical test.

  1. Complete the free course below via EduMe
  2. If required book further route planning training through a recommended provider (information in the EduMe training)
  3. Obtain a Master Atlas of Greater London to practice (or visit the GLH, where we have some to borrow)