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What is Authorization Hold?

October 17, 2017 / Hong Kong

When you request an Uber ride, you may receive text message from your bank of an Uber charge. It is meant for authorization holds, which are small amounts of money that are never actually charged to your account. Similar to how hotels charge their guests, Uber will request authorization to hold payments equivalent to the Upfront Fares quoted when trips are requested. However, you may notice one of these amounts listed on your account as pending.

When the trip completes, this hold is converted to a charge of the final trip fare. If the trip has been cancelled, the original authorization hold will be voided. If the total fare is lower than the Upfront Fares, we will only charge the actual trip fare. On the other hand, if the final fare is higher, we may either void the original authorization hold and charge the actual fare, or charge the remaining amount in addition to the original fare. Depending on your bank’s policy, the refund might take a few days.

If you need clarification on your bank’s policy on authorization holds, we recommend contacting your bank directly.


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