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A brand new product line-up to fit your riding preference – introducing Comfort and the all-new Black

December 12, 2019 / Hong Kong

Uber is an operating system that connects Hong Kongers to the places, people, and moments that matter. We are continuously looking for ways to improve the experience for both riders and driver-partners, whether it is a variety of transportation options available for riders at a tap of a button, or reliable earning opportunities for driver-partners. Today, we are bringing to you a line-up of products including the launch of Comfort, the all-new Black experience, and much more!

New premium experience

Enjoy different levels of premium by choosing our new Comfort and the all-new Black


Spacious. Comfort. An upgrade from UberX.
Need extra legroom, or simply want to enjoy a more comfortable ride? That’s why we are now launching a new option on the Uber App – Comfort – where you will find the space you need and the personalised experience you can enjoy in vehicles driven by top-rated driver-partners. More on Comfort


Luxurious. The ultimate premium experience. 
Whether you are heading to an important meeting, a romantic date, or simply want to ride in style? We are now introducing the all-new Black – a luxurious option that matches riders with high-end vehicles driven by top-rated driver-partners.  
More on Black

Ride Preferences

Personalise your Comfort and Black rides at your fingertips.
To elevate your riding experience with Comfort and Black, you can now customise your Ride Preferences by indicating your temperature preference (warm, hot, cool, cold), and let your driver-partner know if you prefer a silent trip or are open to a chatty ride. With Black, you will also be able to request for luggage assistance in advance within your App. Your driver-partner will be able to see your preferences upon arrival. You will be able to indicate your preferences in the Uber App as shown below:

       Ride Preferences in Comfort

          Ride Preferences in Black

New features at a glance

What to choose?

More ride options to fit your needs.
As an effort to further improve your Uber rides and cater to your preferences, we have refreshed our product line-up:

*For senior citizens, wheelchair users, expectant mothers, visually or hearing impaired and individuals with accessibility needs.

With the latest product line-up available now on your Uber App, this is how your Uber rides can cost based on the different vehicle types you choose:

1Airport off-peak hours: 06:00 – 16:00.
2Subject to actual route, distance and time travelled and surge conditions.

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