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Uber Taxi – An option that suits every budget

October 20, 2020 / Hong Kong

Uber Taxi is now available on Uber with all  new pricing, offering you a more affordable way to ride around town! The new pricing bundled up with upfront pricing, auto-matching technology and cashless payment all in one App, you can now enjoy a more convenient and reliable taxi experience in just one magical tap of a button. 

We know you are more careful than ever during COVID-19, so we’ve made sure that you can ride with a peace of mind with our enhanced safety features, including the Ready-to-ride Safety Checklist and Mask Verification technology. This is our effort to help provide extra protection to riders and driver-partners.

An affordable taxi ride in just one tap

Uber Taxi is now available with all new pricing! Like all other ride options, select Uber Taxi now to find out how affordable it is to get from Point A to Point B.  Here’s an example of how much you’ll be saving from taking an Uber Taxi:

Taking steps to make each ride a safer one

Your safety is our first priority. We’ve implemented health features to protect our riders and driver-partners, including the Ready-to-ride Safety Checklist, Mask Verification, and much more!

There are also other safety measures in place such as GPS tracking, so riders can share their trip status with their trusted contacts in real-time.

Every Uber driver-partner is also required to pass a background check, have a safe driving record and excellent Uber ratings.

Pricing technology: no math and no surprises

More transparency and certainty on pricing before your Uber journey begins. Uber uses technology to manage real-time data and map the fastest route for each journey. Upfront pricing, expected travel and arrival times based on real-world factors like traffic are estimated for you prior to your trip request.

Ditch the coins and go cashless with Uber at the tap of a button

Automatch with the closest taxi driver-partner whenever and wherever by simply entering the destination. You can track the driver’s location via the Uber App, and you will receive an “Arriving soon” notification message to avoid long waiting times. Cashless payment also means you can seamlessly hop off the vehicle when you’ve reached your destination – you don’t need to carry cash around with you anymore!