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Making the most

of your time on the Uber app

Knowing when and where to drive is definitely something you’ll pick up over time, but knowing the busiest times and places in your area is a great start.

Be online at the right time

A good general rule is that you will be most busy when there are lots of riders requesting trips and there are fewer drivers on the road.

Start at five for your morning drive

On weekdays, you're more likely to make more money driving earlier in the morning, so it’s better to start driving around 5am - 6am rather than 9am - 10am. This is because there are fewer drivers on the road at this time and therefore there is greater demand for a ride. This also means you may benefit from dynamic pricing.

The morning rush into the city centre

During weekday mornings, the centre of the city can quiet. This is because riders are coming in from the outskirts. During this time, drive in areas surrounding transport links, like mainline railway stations, for a better chance of getting a trip.

Evenings are when the city comes alive

Between Monday and Saturday, it’s better to start later in the evening (10pm) than earlier (8pm). People are usually having dinner and drinks at that time and aren't moving around the city as much.

Some months are busier than others

Knowing the best months to drive is key to making the most with your time.

  • January and August are the quietest months - It's best to take time off during these parts of the year
  • July, September, October and November are busy - These are great months to make money
  • December is by far the best time to be on the road - Make sure you're online during this time!

The best times to drive in your city