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The best times to drive in Southampton

December 31, 2019 / United Kingdom

Making the most of your time on the Uber app

When and where you drive is entirely up to you. Uber will never tell you to get behind the wheel, but we do try and help you make choices that work for you. Knowing when and where to drive is definitely something you’ll pick up over time. But getting to know the busiest times and places in your area is a great start.

Best days and areas to drive

Weekends are always good times to drive in Southampton. Driving on Saturday generally means you make about 29% more than driving Monday-Thursday. If you want to boost your earnings, make the most of the weekend crowds.
The best areas to drive in change depending on the day of the week and the time of day.
Below you’ll find information on some great places to drive if you’re looking to make great earnings. We’ve also highlighted the best times to drive, depending on what day and what time it is.

Monday to Thursday

What areas are best between 5am and 9am?

  • Canute Road
  • Ocean Village
  • Havlock Road
  • Mayflower Theatre
  • Western Esplande

What time is best?
Weekdays are generally quieter. Yet starting earlier in the day can make all the difference. If you drive between 5am-9am, you generally can earn around 49% more than the later morning slot (9am-1pm). So if you can get up early, it’s worth it.


What areas are best between 11pm and 3am?

  • West Quay Shopping Centre
  • Southampton Solent University
  • French Street
  • Mayflower Park

What time is best?
The end of the week is usually busy as people start their weekend. If you drive between 11pm-3am on Friday night, you can earn up to 34% more on average (compared with driving between 6pm-10pm).


What areas are best between 11pm and 3am?

  • KWilton Avenue
  • Bedford place
  • London Road
  • Ocean village

What time is best?
It’s not surprising that the weekends are a great time to make money. Southampton is full of diners, pub-goers and people partying late into the night. If you drive between 11pm-3am on Saturday nights, you can earn up to 75% more on average (compared with driving between 12pm-4pm).


What areas are best to drive in between 5am-9am and 9pm-1am?

  • Southampton Airport
  • Bedford Place
  • London Road
  • Southbrook Road
  • Southampton Central

What times are best?
Mornings and evenings are great times to drive on Sundays. Try heading out from 9am-1pm as you can generally earn 23% more than earlier in the morning.
9pm-1am is another great time to drive. Plenty of people are returning to the city via train stations after weekends away. On average, you can make 62% more than if you started driving at 1am.